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Hotel Aalborg Amsterdam
Hotel Aalborg,
Three stars hotel
Sarphatipark 106
1073 EC Amsterdam, The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)20 676 0310
F: +31 (0)20 676 6560  

Savi Hotels is a group that encompasses a variety of properties across Europe including the delightful Hotel Aalborg in Amsterdam. All of the hotels are situated in prime locations, ensuring that all our guests will be close to the action and attractions. They are all designed with guest comfort, accessibility, security and style in mind, ensuring that each guest has a unique experience.  The service provided is second to none; guests are made to feel as though they are in their own home – with every possible amenity close at hand. 
Each hotel is tailored to its host city.  Amsterdam is considered a tourist city and the Aalborg hotel is just minutes away by tram from the city center, giving guests the opportunity to stay in a quiet neighborhood away from the noise of the city while still close to the pulse of the action.  

All the Savi properties are geared towards making your stay as comfortable – and connected - as possible. Breakfast is always included in the price.  And while there is a computer center in each location, travellers wishing to bring laptops are offered free wifi service.

Though rooms are available for check in by 2pm, the hotel reception is on call 24 hours to accommodate guests and their busy schedules.   The hotel’s staff offers complete service, and is happy to educate the guest about the area, or even to make dinner reservations or book shows. 

The owner of Savi hotels has been globetrotting for 40 years, staying in everything from a hostel to a 5 star hotel and he has used that knowledge to distinguish the Savi from other hotels. He brings to the industry an ability to offer service in the modern sense; to innovate.  Simply serving someone is no longer enough; what has become important to him is how a person is served.  All SAVI staff is dedicated to providing the ultimate service and giving each guest a sense of well being, security and satisfaction seldom found while travelling abroad.    

All locations have a high rate of returning guests, because once you stay at a Savi hotel, you’ll continue to come back.

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